How to earn money easily

Earning money isn't usually easy, but thanks to these ways, you will see that it's not really hard as you think. Keep in mind that these ways won't make your living.

In this guide, I will show you some ways to make passive income thanks to apps and websites. There will also be some apps that you can use in your free time such as Mistplay



About Honeygain

Honeygain is an app that you can install on your computer (Windows, MacOS and Linux) or phones and it uses your internet data to run various queries for their clients.

The company lets other businesses use their network to gather data and market research. The value of the network is that it’s installed across several different devices and IPs, so their clients can get data from a variety of sources.


You get paid based on how much internet they use, not how much internet you use, the current rate for Default Network Sharing is 1 credit for 10 MB of traffic that goes through your network and 10 GB = $1 USD.
This means that each credit is worth a penny.

They also have a "Content Delivery" service where you earn 6 credits for every hour Content Delivery is active and running (not “in queue”).
Keep in mind that the feature is only available for computers since they can have the most stable internet (compared to a phone with a mobile data enabled). It's also available in some regions.

You can't really calculate how much will you earn in a day/week/month... since it's not really proportional, they use your internet according to the demand; if there are a lot of users in you city, then you won't really earn a lot (them too).

Honeygain Referral Program

When you sign up for Honeygain with this link, you get a $5 bonus to your account that you can withdraw once you hit $20 in points. They estimate that it takes 48 days (it's not really true :/) to reach $20.

When you refer people to Honeygain, you get 10% of what they earn.

Is it worth it?

It actually depends about your internet connection, about how often you'll use the app and more.
To increase your earnings, you can install the app on your computer and on your phone. You'll earn a lot, but if you don't have an unlimited data plan or a data plan with a little bit of GBs (like 5 or 10GBs), you shouldn't install it on your phone, since it'll spend a lot of data.
There is also a nice thing that they added recently; it's the Honeygain Lucky Pot, every day, you can earn between 10 and 10,000 credits. (the max amount I won is 100 credits though...)
If you'll install the app, you can use referrals to earn a lot (if you're good with convincing your friends/family to install it).


I think that Honeygain is great (with the idea), the only drawbacks are:

Their estimation:
They said that you can reach $20 in 48 days, but it's not really the case. I reached $20 in one year and a half (with 2 devices and without referrals, but if you'll use a lot of devices and if you'll have a lot of referrals it's maybe possible).

The fact that it's really rare to use the Content Delivery feature:
since I have the app on my computer (approximately 2 years). I only used the Content Delivery feature about 20 times.

And the last drawback is the Honeygain Lucky Pot, I've never won more than 100 credits, I often win 10 or 20 credits. Either it's my luck or it's according by how much credits you have.

But it still a great way of income because even with the Default Network Sharing you can earn a lot, and you can increase your earnings if you use it in your computer with other apps such as PacketStream.
Or if you have a lot of devices and/or if you think that you will have a lot of referrals.

They're also on Social medias, they do giveaways and more !

Update : I've seen more about their estimation, according to them, you can earn :

$20 per month sharing your network from three devices for six hours per day and 6 GB of content delivery per day

$50 per month running seven devices to reach 15 GB of sharing and allowing for content delivery 24 hours per day
(which means letting one of your devices turned on during an entire day...)

Install Honeygain with this link to get $5



About Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a U.K.-based app that rewards you for collecting data about the steps you take outside. They claim that by using the app, users have become 20% more active each day, even after 6 months of use.

Once you’ve accumulated enough coins, you can use them to purchase goods, services, and experiences through the Sweatcoin website or donate them to a charity.
But you can't have money with these coins (it was possible a few years ago).

It has a 4.3 of 5-star rating on Trustpilot, a 4 of 5-star rating in the Google Play store, and a 4.5 of 5-star rating in the Apple App Store. User reviews of Sweatcoin claim that the app motivates them to move, offers excellent customer services, and they enjoy being able to donate to charity.
Primary complaints include bugs and other glitches with the app as well as how long it can take to accumulate Sweatcoins to convert to prizes.


If you let the Sweatcoin app run in the background of your smartphone, you’ll get paid in SWCs.

The app counts your steps in real-time but holds SWCs until you’ve accumulated 2,000 steps. After you reach this threshold, the app will analyze your steps using the Sweatcoin algorithm and calculate how many of your steps can be converted into SWCs. If you want SWCs credited to your account before you reach the 2,000-step threshold, you can force-send your steps at any time without incurring a penalty.

While SWCs don’t hold any cash value, the company’s long-term goal is to list them on exchanges like other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, SWCs never expire. You can keep SWCs in your wallet indefinitely. This makes saving for larger prizes (such as a Samsung 4K Smart TV...) and offers attainable if you have the patience.

Note that they do take a 5% commission off your earnings.

You currently can’t cash out SWCs via PayPal (except if you have more than 30 referrals), bank transfer, or check; you can only redeem them for products in the marketplace or paid Sweatcoin subscriptions. Sweatcoin partners with more than 160 brands and the offers can change daily. If you can’t find something you like, check back again a few days later for new offers.

Sweatcoin Referral Program

If someone installs the app via your referral link, you can get 5 SWC. if you have more than 30 refferals, you become a Sweatcoin Influencer, therefore, you can unlock the Influencer Rewards which are custom amounts of money via PayPal, Airplane Tickets, Amazon giftcards and more ! (the rewards are constantly updating).

Is it worth it?

In my opinion, it's worth it if you walk a lot and if you have the possibility of having a lot of referrals, I have this app but I only walk a lot, and it's really difficult to have a lot of SWC only by walking, threfore it's hard to get prizes.

I would definetely recommend you to install the app, it's a great combination with Honeygain on your phone.


Sweatcoin is a nice passive income app if you like walking or if you already walk a lot. There are no drawbacks, except the difficulty to earn SWC if you don't have referrals.

You can see on this page some ways to earn more with Sweatcoin.

You can install Sweatcoin with this link



About PacketStream

PacketStream has the same concept as Honeygain; founded in 2018, PacketStream is a peer-to-peer proxy network that allows customers to browse the web from residential IPs and allows ‘packeters' to make money by sharing their unused bandwidth.


PacketStream sells the bandwidth you share for $1 per GB of bandwidth. You get paid $0.10/GB, so Packetstream profits $0.90 per GB of bandwidth for facilitating the connection.

Once you reach $5 on your account (i.e. 50 GB of bandwidth sold), you'll be able to cash out to Paypal.

Although PacketStream pays you $0.10/GB of bandwidth shared (it's different from Honeygain), you only get paid when a customer is actively using your connection. For that reason, earning potential can vary a ton between users.

In fact, there are 4 factors that will affect your earnings:

  • Location – Some locations have more demand than others. For example, users in the UK may earn more than users in Australia. This varies constantly.

  • # of IP addresses – Your earnings are largely determined by how many devices you have connected to different IP addresses. The general rule is that the more unique IPs you have on PacketStream, the more you will earn. It's the same thing as Honeygain.

  • Network speed and ping – Best performance will be seen on networks with speeds of 50Mbps or more and ping of less than 50ms.

  • The amount of time you have the software on – If the software isn't active, you aren't sharing bandwidth, which means you aren't earning.

Note: PayPal is the only payment method to withdraw your earnings.

PacketStream Referral Program

PacketStream offers a Referral Program as well. If someone download the app with your link, you receives 20% of what they earn.

Is it worth it ?

PacketStream worths only if you live in a good place; where there are a lot of demands, personally I only had a few cents per day (maybe because of low demand), but you can maybe have better earnings thanks to referrals.


PacketStream is a Honeygain alternative, you can use both in your computer, you would earn more. But Honeygain is better if you live in a place where there won't be a lot of demands. The low payout requirement is great, it doesn't need to have a lot of patience.

You can install PacketStream with this link

WeWard (only available in 3 countries)


About WeWard

WeWard has the same concept as Sweatcoin, you get paid by walking. But WeWard is only available in 3 countries; France, Belgium and Spain. The difference with Sweatcoin is that you can withdraw your Wards (The WeWard coin) directly in Euros or in different prizes (iPhones, Giveaways etc...).
You can earn Wards by doing challenges; making 10k steps in a day, inviting people with your referral code, etc... There are several levels of challenges.


You can have a better income in comparison to Sweatcoin thanks to challenges, and especially by the fact that you can link Google Fit with WeWard. Therefore, if you have a watch which can link to Google Fit, you can earn more.
If you have a Huawei/Honor watch, you can see this tutorial to know how to sync data with Google Fit.

There are also cashbacks from big brands to earn Wards (Samsung, Nike, Withings, Apple...), places to visit in the map (you can get Wards by visiting these)
And if you want to earn with the steps, here are the levels of steps with the Wards you can earn:
1,500 steps: 1 Ward
3,000 steps: 3 Wards
6,500 steps: 6 Wards
10,000 steps: 10 Wards
15,000 steps: 15 Wards
20,000 steps: 25 Wards
The Ward coin is equal to 0,7 cents, if you have 25 Wards, you'll have 17,5 cents, and if you walk 20k steps everyday, it means that you'll earn 25 Wards everyday; therefore in 30 days you can earn 5,25 Euros (750 Wards).

Note: You can only withdraw your money by bank transfer.

WeWard Referral Program

If someone use your code in the app, he earns 50 Wards, and you'll earn 20 Wards if he reaches 150 Wards.
If you want to earn 50 Wards by installing the app; you can enter this code in the app: RAHY-gtVfk

Is it worth it ?

It's definetely worth it, it's really easy to win money, instead of Sweatcoin. In addition, it doesn't need to have a lot of referrals to get prizes since there are challenges which help a lot to get Wards, with a few months of intensive walking and doing challenges, you can get a bank transfer of 20€ easily.


WeWard is really a good app, you know where the money comes from (commercial signs that you can see from the map and cashbacks), it's also very easy to earn Wards, therefore it's a great source of passive income.
But unfortunately it's not available in every countries, it'll be available maybe in the future.

You can install it in Google Play or Apple Store, and put the following code to get 50 Wards : RAHY-gtVfk

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

About Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app made by Google, you reply to their surveys and you win some money thanks to it.
It's not like any surveys website or apps, because this app uses your Google data such as the places you went to, the targeted ads and more...


You can easily get a few cents by replying to one survey, if you're the kind of person who goes outside to different places everytime, you'll have a lot of surveys which deals with the places you've been recently.
It automatically withdraws your payout every $3, you can have them by PayPal.

Is it worth it?

It is, the surveys they ask is simple questions, and instead of every surveys website, you still earn money; there are no false answers.


Google Opinion Rewards is a nice passive income app thanks to its surveys, it's better than other surveys websites or apps. The payout withdraw is low, this makes a great advantage.
Since I have Google Opinion Rewards (for 1 year), I had around 5-6 payouts.

You can install the app on Google Play or on the Apple Store



About Mistplay

Mistplay is an app that pays you to play games (which are based on what you like), it pays you with "Units" that you can use to claim gifts such as Mastercard/Visa money, Google Play money, Amazon money etc...


You have to play games during a long time to get Units, there are also challenges such as "Play 30 minutes", "Play one hour between 11PM and 4AM" etc... There are streaks to earn Units, if you play every day you can earn some Units.

Games that Mistplay offers are evaluated by the Reward Speed when you start using the app, they all have a bad Reward Speed, therefore it's annoying to get Units if you don't have a lot of free time, but when you increase your level, Mistplay give you games with better Reward Speed.

There are also status ; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, they all have benefits, but it's kind of a scam because you have to make in-app purchases to have benefits, it's a weird logic because you want to earn money, and not spending money...

And as almost every apps; there is a Referral Program.

Mistplay Referral Program

When someone installs the app with your link, he gets 50 Units, and you get 100 Units only when he reaches the level 4. If you want to get 50 Units (which helps a lot because it's very annoying to get them in the first use), you can install Mistplay with this link.

Is it worth it ?

In my opinion, yes and no; it's worth it only if you have a lot of free time to spend, if you like playing games, and if you think that you will have a lot of referrals who use Mistplay until the level 4.
It's also not worth it if you don't really like playing games during a long time and if you don't have a lot of free time to spend.


Mistplay is a nice app for passive income if you love play games in your free time, it'd be a great combination with Honeygain, the drawbacks of Mistplay are:

-The difficulty to earn Units when you started using the app; every games have a poor reward speed and it sucks.

-The games; according to them, they'll give you games which are based on what you like, and I'm still wondering since when do I like Music games, Board games, Puzzle games and base building games...

Install Mistplay with this link to get 50 Units

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