UNSTOPP4BLE aims to provide several resources, especially full-perm meshes, an easy-to-use framework, reviews, some tutorials which will help you in a lot of domains, and some documentations and references; these will help you to know and to master the use of UNSTOPP4BLE Framework and some programming languages.

Who are we ?

We're three persons to manage UNSTOPP4BLE; a 3D infographist who's making the Second Life accessories (who's also co-founder of UNSTOPP4BLE, also founder and co-owner of The Death), a developer who has to code the website, to update UNSTOPP4BLE Framework, to write the IT tutorials and to make illustrations (who's also founder of UNSTOPP4BLE and founder of Face-Off ), and a community manager who has to manage the Discord server.

Why are we providing all of these resources ?

We're providing full-perm accessories for Second Life in order that you could launch your own business in Second Life, there are also some tutorials which will help you managing correctly your business.

We're also providing a framework so that you have the possibility to do web development without being busy with making CSS and JavaScript components; UNSTOPP4BLE Framework is open-source and you can modify it at your leisure.

We provide websites templates so that you can make a site from a reliable base without even having important knowledge in the field of web development

History of The Death

On August, 2010, Rihanna Zhora decides to create a small brand named The Death in Second Life; a virtual world in which the creators make clothes and some accessories.
She has had experienced and created differents types of contents and collaborations during the years, while learning and growing along the way.
This small brand has grown up day by day, from a dozen members to more than 15,000.

She went from the creations of outfits to the creation and the sell of full-perm templates PSD/TGA, standard size meshes and a few exclusives accessories.

Today, with the members of her family, they decide to create UNSTOPP4ble Corp. for Second Life. UNSTOPP4BLE Corp doesn’t just stop at the doors of Second Life ; our goal is to create high quality full-perm meshes and more !