Frequently Asked Questions

In this page, we're answering some questions that may be asked or that are frequently asked.
Hence, we will cover a huge aspect about UNSTOPP4BLE and what we're providing.


In this sub-category, I will answer some questions about UNSTOPP4BLE.


UNSTOPP4BLE is soon a company which provides many resources so that you can start your own projects (and your business).
In a nutshell, we want to provide quality resources in various domains in order to help you.

Who manage UNSTOPP4BLE ?

We're three person to manage UNSTOPP4BLE; a developer (also the founder of UNSTOPP4BLE) who codes the website, the framework and who writes the tutorials and every website's page and provide the IT resources. An infographist who makes the Second Life accessories, and a community manager who manages the Discord.

What are we providing ?

We're providing many resources including a Framework

Where does the UNSTOPP4BLE's name come from ?

UNSTOPP4BLE's name come from a YouTube channel that the founder created several years ago; it was a channel oriented towards tech tutorials and gaming.

Our resources

In this sub-category, I will answer some questions about our resources; why are we providing such resources and why will you need these resources

Why do we provide these resources ?

We provide these resources so that you can start your business and do your projects easily. The framework aims to make the web development easier, as the documentation does. The tutorials help you with differents fields of computers and techology. For the reference, it'll help you to know more about programming languages.

Why should you choose our resources ?

You should choose our resources for many reasons; firsly, most of them are open-source; the framework is open-source, the IT/technology resources are open-source as well. Our tutorials are simple to understand as most of them are illustrated and they cover many fields.

Why will you need our resources ?

Our resources are useful if you want to create a business, a projects that entails technology or web development and if you want to learn a framework or some programming languages.

Privacy and security

In this sub-category, I will answer some questions about the privacy and the security of our website.

Is UNSTOPP4BLE's website safe and secure?

Yes. Our website will soon use CloudFare in order to prevent DDoS attacks.

Does UNSTOPP4BLE's website respect privacy ?

Of course ! We don't steal your data at all. We collect it with your consent (e.g. when you're singing up for the newsletter). See more on our Privacy Policy.

What do we collect data for ?

We only collect your data for analytics purposes (specifically Google Analytics), and we're collecting by ourselves (not by some 3rd-party software) your email and your name (for the newsletter).

Does UNSTOPP4BLE's website use cookies ?

No. (Maybe soon for language preferences)

Smart and social features of the website

In this sub-category, I will answer some questions about the smart features of UNSTOPP4BLE's website. This includes the newsletter signing up form, the comment section system, and the search engine.

What are the social and smart features of UNSTOPP4BLE's website ?

There are some social features on the website like the newsletter signing up form, the comment section, and soon a news page in which you can react and comment on our posts. For the smart feature, there is a smart search engine on the website.

What data does the newsletter collect ?

The newsletter collects your name and your email so that you can receive emails.

Does the search engine collect data ?

Absolutely not. We don't collect data for analytics purposes as most of search engines do, and your search query isn't stored in any database.

Why didn't we choose Disqus as the comment section ?

We used to use Disqus but it recently got hit by a load of spammers (especially bots) and I (the founder and developer of UNSTOPP4BLE) wanted the control of everything and I also wanted to make the website independent from 3rd party add-ons.

That's why I coded a comment section that collects no data (except the name), and I know what goes in the database (In this instance, only the name, the page ID, and the comment go in the database).

Other projects

In this sub-category, I'll talk about the other projects of UNSTOPP4BLE which are Face-Off and UNSTOPP4BLE Framework.

What is Face-Off ?

Face-Off is a website made by myself in which I provide watch faces for most of the watches and smartwatches. These watch faces can be a reproduction of a well known watch (like Rolex, Garmin and more). In addition of providing watch faces, I'm also providing tutorials and reviews which entail watches and smartwatches and more !

What is UNSTOPP4BLE Framework ?

See here.


What is UNSTOPP4BLE Framework ?

UNSTOPP4BLE Framework is a Framework (as its name indicates) that aims to make the web development easier by providing various tools and resources (such as CSS and JS components like navigation bars, menu, interactive elements and more).
All of those resources are coming with tutorials and documentation in order to simplify the use and the understanding.

What are the goals of UNSTOPP4BLE Framework ?

The goals of UNSTOPP4BLE Framework are :

How to use UNSTOPP4BLE Framework on your website ?

As every other frameworks or CSS/JavaScript scripts, you need to import the files by copying/pasting some lines in your "head" tag. To know more about it, you must refer to this page.